Alphabet Phonics Flash Cards by eeBoo


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These 45 cards compiled by Reading Specialist Dr. Sarah Brown show upper and lower case letters, and a labelled object that starts with the letter shown. This set of large flash cards is an excellent way to reinforce learning the letters and their sound/symbol relationship. 

The cards you will find in the this box include:

– Vowels: Short and long vowels, including the /y/ when it sounds like a long /i/ and a long /e/. Vowel cards have red borders.
– Consonants: The 23 letters representing consonants including the hard and soft sounds of /c/ and /g/. Consonant cards have blue borders.
– Combination Consonants: Pictures and words illustrating /sh/, /ch/, /th/, /wh/, and /ph/. Combination consonant cards have purple borders.
– Blends: Pictures and words representing the /l/, /s/ and /r/ family of sounds. Blends have green borders. 

Instruction cards included for guidance notes on how parents/adults can use the cards with their children/students. 

– For ages 5 and up
– 45 flash cards
– Cards are 4.5" x 6"
– 2 parent cards included

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