05 November 2020

BEHIND OUR BRAND - A Little Catch Up With Us!

BEHIND OUR BRAND - A Little Catch Up With Us!

We are grateful for each and every one of you who has followed along with our journey up to this point. Whether you’ve been fans for day one or you’re new to the Le Petit Society family, we appreciate you with all our hearts. It’s been a while since we have introduced ourselves so we want to take a moment to share a bit more about the team and brand behind the clothes you love.

Le Petit Society was created in 2012 by a Singaporean couple, Robyn and Dylan. Now parents of 3 - Rylee, Skyler and Kyle. Le Petit Society was born upon the desire to create versatile, well-crafted clothing for children. Our focus has always been on quality, practicality and durability. 

In 2020, we have focused on a lot of our products and less about connection with you! We want to change that and start a conversation with you. In the last few months, we gone through a lot. In our personal lives, covid 19 and our stores. It’s made us pause in the way we did things and rethink the business. Our first response when uncertainty hit was in our kids size Disposable Masks (remember those?) Sold with little margin, we had source intensely, risk delays in international shipment and deliver masks personally due to shortage of labour but huge increase of online order. We saw all of that as a service to our community. Hard times but so important to us. 
{Reusable Face Masks for Adults and Kids}

Our major pivot this year was a focus on Reusable masks. A huge struggle whether to continue but we knew our customers will benefit from it moving on. We pulled out team to work through the crisis and developed one of (what we believe) the best Reusable masks in the market.

This year taught us a huge lesson in Resilience and Loyalty. Though it all, we had to manage our customers, business partners and factories. Collections that we ordered to arrive earlier in the year were delayed. Our factories begged us to not cancel the order and continue working with them. We did. Most of their staff lived far away and had families to support. They were challenged with lockdown and limited to two days of work. But if they worked, we needed to support them through hard times. So while we were out of stock in Pyjamas for months (!!), it was important to stand by our suppliers.
{New GOTS-certified Organic Pyjamas}

With our team, we take pride in each of our functions working closely with our customer hands on. Our pieces are designed in house with original hand illustrated designs. Details have been fine tuned over the collections. We take all your feedback as a learning experience and always do better the next time! We work with local families to model each season, real life customers with stories we share with you! Most recently due to circuit breaker, you have most likely seen too much of our own families but that’ll change soon! 

So bringing back to our launch today. Much awaited, very loved and filled with so many months of heartache. We proudly present to you our Introducing Le Petit Society Organic Pyjamas - we have carefully chosen 100% GOTS certified organic cotton in our line of fabric, creating the softest coziest jammies yet. Little fun titbit - the prints may look familiar to you as we’d planned for it to launch with our organic swaddles way back in March.

As we brace the last few months of the year, small business challenges continues. We have a few more collections to launch (Hint : CNY!!) and celebrate the holiday together. We aim to keep our focus on our customers. Keep maneuvering fast in this current climate and keep innovating to create products that you NEED! So yes, we are here! We are working hard and this connection matters to us. Drop us a note and let us know how you are! If we can do anything better, ping us!
With lots of love,
Le Petit Society Team.