03 January 2019

Brands We Love - Blanc Silk

Brands We Love - Blanc Silk

{Silk Baby Pillow - Lush Peony}

Our newest Brand We Love promises your little ones long and luxurious sleep! And anything related to sleep, we are very interested in! Blanc Silk is the only children centric pure silk luxury bedding brand. Inspired by their own children, the co-founders of this brand tried and tested the products on their toddlers and all of them unanimously decided on SILK! Such fancy kiddos! 

So that's why this entire line of products uses 100% pure silk. Silk is hypoallergenic and anti dust mite which makes it perfect for babies who suffers from allergies. Silk’s natural protein is great for hair and skin which makes BLANC the perfect pillow for that poor eczema baby skin to rest on.


One of our favourite and most popular product is the Blanc Silk Weighted Pillows.

These weighted pillow inserts are filled with 100% natural buckwheat husk and comes with a pure silk pillow case.

{Weighted Pillow - Lush Peony (top) | Rosewood Chic (bottom)}

These weighted pillow inserts are filled with 100% natural buckwheat husk and comes with a pure silk pillow case. Weighted pillow offers Deep Touch Pressure (DTP) to the body. Deep Touch Pressure mimics the effects of being hugged and held. Place it across your baby’s chest for a calming sleep. Mommies like to use this as a stroller pillow for the little ones too.

{Soothing Star Lush Peony | Cotton Blue}

Most babies will have their little smelly blankie to soothe and comfort them. This gorgeous pure silk shooting star makes the best soother blankie for your little one. If your baby is addicted to bring his/her BLANC pillow out, this is a great alternative to let them have that silky touch everywhere they go.  

{Silk Baby Pillow - Morning Sun}

And if you love these producst, then their baby pillows are a must buy! They are heavenly-soft! They are filled with pure silk goodness that is lightweight and cooling. Designed thin to be suitable for newborns onwards, so it will not strain your little one’s delicate neck. Great for babies who have sensitive skin and suffer from allergies. Even if they don't, your baby's skin is so delicate and precious, they deserve to be cocooned in softness. These are also popular as gifts!

And if you need another reason to love this brand (we dont!!), Blanc Silk also includes underprivileged moms and women in their production process. Supported by proper tools and training, every product made has helped those mothers to better provide for their little ones too. We love that we are carrying proudcts that represent responsible luxury that brings smiles to everyone in our community. 

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