04 September 2017

Brands We Love - Janod

Brands We Love - Janod

Because we are parents too and there is nothing more annoying than a playroom filled with toys that breaks easily. Therefore, we are very careful when selecting toys we bring into Le Petit Society. We have always known of Janod and their superior quality of toys. And so it didn't take long for us to decide to have Janod as one of our esteemed brands in store.

{Shop Macaron Maxi Cooker by Janod at Le Petit Society}

For the uninitiated, Janod is a french brand specialising in wooden toys for over 40 years for kids of various ages. Their aesthetic and quality trusted by parents all around the world and they are recognized for their striking range of children’s wooden educational toy, each beautifully designed with bright bold colors with children’s learning in mind.

We love how sturdy they are and well packaged they are. Definitely a welcomed gift for a baby’s birth or birthday party! We have selected some of our favorites in store and online! So come and check it out here!


{Bikloon White / Red Balance Bike}

A stepping stone to teach your child how to ride a bicycle without training wheels. This sturdy and well made balance bike comes with inflatable tires and a height-adjustable seat. For the month of September, pop in store as we have sample balance bikes and a kid-sized play area for them to give the bikes a go!


{Shop Fabric Fruit Basket at Le Petit Society}

A fruity basket for toddlers to play pretend! Made of soft felt and great for textural play. Excellent toy on the go and addition to their pretend play kitchen at home. Remember a fruit a day keeps the doctor away!


{Shop Airplane Magnet Kit at Le Petit Society}

A simple, beautifully designed 5-piece airplane for your toddler to take apart and put back together, before flying off to his or her imaginary destination. Ideal for developing both fine motor skills and problem-solving. Also available in Helicopter Magnet Kit, a sure win for every transportation obsessed child. 

There is definitely something for everyone from our Janod X Le Petit Society collection! Shop our selection in-store and online at www.lepetitsociety.com.