19 July 2019

Brands We Love : Moulin Roty

Brands We Love : Moulin Roty

{La Grande Famille - Fashion Wardrobe Suitcase by Moulin Roty}

We love anything whimsical and fun when it comes to children's play toys! And one brand that fits that description is Moulin Roty. Moulin Roty toys are all expertly designed in France using only the finest French fabrics and materials available. Some toys capture the charms of a bygone era, whilst others are based on up to the minute avant-garde designs. Here you will find the popular Moulin Roty mouse together with other soft toys such as dolls, rabbit and little Goose Jeanne here!

{La Grande Famille - Little Goose Jeanne by Moulin Roty]

{La Grande Famille - Doctor's Suitcase by Moulin Roty}

We were first drawn to this brand by their gorgeous and clever box sets! There were travel themed ones, play dress up ones and this beautifully illustrated doctor's suitcase contains everything a child needs to treat their small friends: a health record, a bandage and numerous painted wood accessories. Too chic and a fun toy to help kids get over the fear of seeing doctors.

{Les Parisiennes - Tea Set Suitcase by Moulin Roty}

Time for tea with this floral patterned and delicate refined suitcase! Includes a teapot, four plates, four tea cups with their matching saucers and a tray. Perfect for an afternoon tea time play!

{La Grande Famille - Little Rabbit Sylvain by Moulin Roty}

Want to know whats cute about their plush toys? They come in sleepwear (this chic striped number!) and you can select their wardrobe for different occasions! We love that you can get additional outfits and put them through the wash! So your little one has their own little dolly to dress up with! 

{La Grande Famille - Little Perlette's Bloomers by Moulin Roty}

Cute little changes like this! We almost want one of this Floral Bloomers in kid size, don't you? 

{Les Jolis Trop Beaux - Baby Bamboo Dish Set in Pink by Moulin Roty}

Who can resist this beautifully illustrated baby dish featuring a sweet mouse surrounded by confetti. Light and ideal for small hands, this set encourages self-feeding. Makes the perfect gift for a little friend too!

{Les Jolis Pas Beaux - Story Telling Torchlight by Moulin Roty}

One of our top-selling party favours in store are these Story Telling Torchlights, made perfect for bedtime. Lightweight and great as little gifts for friends. We like traveling with them because its also a great quiet play in flight and through long car rides! 

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