13 March 2020

Daily Rituals with Kids - Le Petit Society

Daily Rituals with Kids - Le Petit Society

It is easy to get caught up with the "big" moments in parenthood. First days, big trips, massive birthday parties but there is magic in the everyday. Daily rituals have proven to improve productivity and encourage connection. Both of which are great goals in everyday lives as busy parents. Here are some of our favorite rituals we've built in our lives. 

Start Positive - 

Begin the day on a high note. Give them a hug before you part and give them a positive affirmation. "Today, you are a brave warrior." Everyone needs that confidence boost before you embark on your day adventures. And in due course, they will repeat creatively with an affirmation for you.

Move it -

We like to incorporate a little bit of work out into our children's lives. Just like adults, a little bit of exercise in their lives to keep the blood pumping helps motivate and energize the little brains. It can be something simple like an easy yoga stretch (some cute ideas here!), a slow neighborhood stroll or put on your favourite tunes and boogie in the kitchen!

Praise with Love - 

It is easy to slide down the slippery slope of only sprouting negative or naggy reminder. We are reminder that the Magic Relationship Ratio is 5 : 1. So for every challenging situation, be sure to support your child emotionally by also indulging in 5 positive interactions. Okay.. maybe start with three. So keep your eyes open to spot them doing something right and be sure to genuinely encourage them when you see it. For example "I appreciate you holding the door open for me when I had my hadns full. It made me feel proud, Tom."

Bath Time - 

As tempting as it is to hurry them through bathtime and speed up bedtime, bath serves more than just an quick rinse to rid the playgroud germs. Use this opportunity to unwind, make up stories, fun hair styles, blow bubbles or just the act of slowly scooping warm suds over their back. You may find out that it is as much therapy for you as it is for them. Here are some bathtime fun essentials that we like incorporating into our nightly routines. 

Daily Wind Down

Right before bed as you lie in the dark, we like to take 5 mins to chat about our day and let go of any last minute thoughts. Review your day that just past and take this chance to reinforce any affirmations for your child. 

The ideas for daily rituals are endless, just a simple act of singing and swaddling your child counts. The key is to make it simple to replicate and focus on connection with your child. If you miss a day, you don't have to break a sweat. Just catch up the next chance you get. We are sure this will have positive impact in your lives.