26 November 2018

Five Ways to Give Back - You Can Reach The Sky

Five Ways to Give Back - You Can Reach The Sky
As we wrap up the year of 5 ways of giving back, we want to share one of these initiatives we were part of. "You Can Reach The Sky" is a show inspired to create a show where babies would be engaged, and parents could be introduced to ways to engage the baby without technology.
Premiered in 2017, the show was taken up by a progressive arts company, The Learning Connections, and travelled around Singapore performing to various infant centres and centres for children with special needs. 

It is during these performances that we were made aware of babies that came from pretty challenging backgrounds - an incarcerated family member, single mothers, low-income families So they reached out to various Voluntary Welfare Organizations and organized a month of Season of Sharing. Reaching out to families who are less fortunate and having them to the show was such a lovely gesture.
Le Petit Society was invited to contribute to provide thoughtful gifts for these kids so they can remember this unique experience. We worked together with the team to make sure that the right style and sizing of clothes were handed out to the right families so it was relevant and useful for them.

We wish "You Can Reach The Sky" production all the best in their shows.
You can also contribute and support this briliant initiative by bringing your little one to the show this December. Tickets are available here