16 June 2020

Guide to Recycling in Singapore

Guide to Recycling in Singapore

Looking around the house, there is so much waste lying around! From juice cartons, to toilet rolls, cardboard boxes and clothes the kids out grew. Which one of them can be recycled and which ones are truly trash? Let's take a look at the how-tos to recycling in Singapore and living a more eco-concious life. 

Why should we recycle? 

In the past 45 years, the amount of waste disposed in Singapore has increased by 7 times. With land being a constant scarcity, we can help to protect our environment and extend the lifespan of our landfill (we have ONE in singapore - Semakau Landfill!) by reducing and recycling our waste. 

How can we recycle? 


What can be recycled from your household? 

- Anything Metal such as empty canned drinks and food containers

- Anything Paper such as toilet and kitchen roll tubes, letters, flyers, envelopes, worksheet, beverage carton, tetra pack milk / juice cartons

- Anything Glass such as condiment cottles, cosmetic bottles

- Anything Plastic  such as empty detergent, soap, packaging from food

Other items that can be recycled (but not placed in blue recycling bins)

- Textile (clothes, shoes, sheets, towels)

- E-waste (electronics, batteries, phone)

How are they recycled? 

What else can I do to help our environment? 

Do your shopping in places where you can buy things without packaging. Online resoures like organic grocers or wet markets to save on one time use plastic bags, produce packaging and take away containers. You can also approach F&B outlets to take away your food in containers that you provide. Most of the time, they would be pleased to accomodate. When dining out, avoid disposible cutlery and one time use plastic (such as straws).

You can also shop in zero-waste stores such as Scoop or The Source that allows you to buy what you use. When you bring youń║║glass containers / condiment storage jars, they are always happy to support the cause. Our kid always carry their own water bottles when they're out (to avoid having to use one time use drink bottles) and our recyclable bags is always handy. If you need some, we have them in store - The Paper Bunny

These websites also came in useful when researching this article - Zero Waste SG, NEA's 3R programme & resources