12 March 2020

Le Petit Society - Top Bedtime Reads

Le Petit Society - Top Bedtime Reads

Children fall in love with books because of the memories created when they sunggle up and read with someone they love. Before you send them to dream-land in their cosy pyjamas (we've got the best here!), we love reading a tale or two! Here are some of our favourite books in store and some bedtime reading tips!

(espeically for exhausted parents). 

{I Thought I Saw A Bear by Monster Bookery

A hands-on silly but stylish slider book is sure to give little ones a giggle. Anything that has interactive bits is a huge winner with our kids. They're encourage to explore the book even in their own time which cultivates the habit of reading.

{Dear Zoo}

With bright, bold artwork, a catchy refrain and all our favourite animals, Dear Zoo is a must for every child's bookshelf. Also available in Chinese Language. When reading to babies and kids, we follow the following steps to ensure a calm and enjoyable bedtime routine. 

1 - Ask your child to select their own book.

2 - Be consistent with your routine (Bath, Brush, Book then Bed!)

3 - Make reading fun with sound effects and touchpoints 

4 - Use imagination to stretch the tale way past book time! 

{A MoneyBunny Book - Save It!}

A simple and fun introduction to money saving concepts. Great for older kids and spoiler alert - All's well that end's well. This book comes in three part series you my want to check out the other two as well. 

{Come To Life Books - I Love Mommy}

Join the animals in a heartwarming story about the many special reasons that children love their mummies. When reading this one to our little one, we love asking why they love their family and recount the activities in their day! Be prepared for the cutest answers! 

{好饿的毛毛虫 by Flip for Joy}

Can't think of the more classic storybook than The Hungry Caterpillar and just when your little one can memorize it cover to cover, introduce it in a different language and watch them ace it. Nothing like a bit of Mandarin practice at the end of the day. 

{世界各地的人 by Flip for Joy}

This beautiful book gives you an reason to tell your child about the people in the world. Their beautiful festival, cultures and beliefs. We love a book that opens up their eyes and their mind to the world! 

{好安静的书 by Flip for Joy}

The Quiet Book subtly explores the many different kinds of “quiet”, capturing various quiet moments in the everyday lives of children in a captivating and heartwarming manner. Bedtime is a little pocket of calm before they end their day so take this chance to enjoy them and unwind from your day as well. 

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