19 September 2019

New Collection Launch - Looking Beyond Colours

New Collection Launch - Looking Beyond Colours

Our brand-new collection ‘Looking Beyond Colours’ builds on an idyllic belief of looking beyond the elements that divide our world. With hopeful hearts, we wish to create a safe space to celebrate all our little ones beyond differences in culture, race or ethnicity. 

{Panda Reversible Sequined Tee | Brown Striped Leggings with Panda Patch | Raglan Tee in Panda Print | Striped Drop Overalls}

{Tank in Panda Grid Print | Black Striped Leggings with Panda Patch}

{Baby Boy Overalls Romper in Raccoon Print}

This collection is monochromatic, primarily featuring hues of black, white and brown. The majority of the pieces displayed are gender neutral as well, making this collection universally wearable and suitable for every little child regardless of skin colour. To emphasize this point, we’ve casted a diverse group of children that encompasses our vision for this collection. 

{Kids Raglan Tee in Panda Print | Black Striped Leggings with Panda Patches | Tee in Raccoon Print | Brown Striped Leggings with Panda Patch

{Raglan Tee in Panda Print | Baby White Leggings in Hedgehog Print | Baby Bubble Romper in Panda Print}

We’ve created elevated and timeless basics that your little one is comfy and chic in, from Party to Playground to Playpen. The focus for this collection is captivating and snazzy prints starring adorable little pandas, hedgehogs and raccoons. We’ve also introduced reversible sequin motifs that are holographic and bright, creating a small but significant dose of colour.

{ Panda Sequined Overalls | Striped Drop Overalls }

We’ve released leggings and overalls as they are extremely functional for travel in several different climates. Each piece is extremely versatile and easy to pair with other clothing items. The pieces from this collection can also be used to create harmonious and coordinated outfits for siblings together- a Le Petit Society signature indeed.

{Baby Bubble Romper in Hedgehog Print

{Dress in Hedgehog Print}

As we look onto the future, we believe in a world beyond colour and beauty beyond barriers for our children, and we hope you join us on our journey there.

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