24 May 2021

Organic Swaddles - What you can use them for?

Organic Swaddles - What you can use them for?

When we talk about newborn essentials, one of the most obvious piece is the swaddle! Le Petit Society started designing with organic fabrics (read more here about our chosen GOTS fabric) and naturally we wanted the right fabric that balances quality, value for money and environmental & social responsibility. And when we received great response for our Organic Pyjamas, we had to make Le Petit Society Organic Swaddles.

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When our founders, Robyn Liang and Dylan Ong had their first baby, they struggled to find lightweight baby swaddles suitable for hot climates. Babies with allergies or sensitive skin prone to eczema can be triggered by overheating.  Our Organic cotton swaddles were hence designed. They are 100% GOTS-certified, which are safe for our children and produced in a socially and environmentally responsible way. Studies have shown that swaddling leads to better and longer sleep as it prevents unnecessary wake-ups due to startle reflex.

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You may ask - What else can these swaddles be used for? It is something versatile for Mums to grab on the go, comfy and a multi-tasker.

Here are some ideas on how to used our Organic Muslin Swaddles :

-       Swaddles

-       Burp Cloth

-       Tummy Time Blanket

-       Nursing cover

-       Stroller cover

-       Changing Table Cover

-       Cot Linen

-       Scarf

-       Summer Blanket

And the best part is, it comes with all the high textile standards of the GOTS fabric. These new muslin swaddles that we have designed for summer climates are suitable for both daytime and nighttime use. Beside being super soft, they’re lightweight and breathable and do not stiffen with repeated washes.

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