06 November 2019

Brands We Love : Meri Meri

Brands We Love : Meri Meri

At Le Petit Society, we love featuring brands that are doing something different and special. So, when we came across Meri Meri, it is no surprise that we fell in love! Meri Meri is a brand that creates a world of party and play- focusing on decorations for events, cards, accessories, and sweet little playthings for your kiddos. Their style is fun, fresh and everything looks handmade, especially for you! They play with both soft pastel tones, vivid neon colours and lots of glitter – truly an Instagram dream!

Meri Meri began as a brand that made specialist handmade cards over 25 years ago, and they emerged in the market as the first to do so. Founder Meredithe Stuart-Smith started this brand from her love of DIY, crafting unique greeting cards with other mums around her kitchen table. The company has grown immensely, whether it be the product range or their recognition. Meri Meri is a brand that is known and loved throughout the world.

Meri Meri’s success can be linked to them spotting trends in other places and applying them before anyone else does in partyware. Meredithe has said that she looks at fashion magazines and interior designers for inspiration, and she loves translating that into her own products with instantly recognizable icons such as emojis, cacti, unicorns and flamingos! She says, “I had always loved making things for my own children’s parties and I wanted to share the magic with others”.  

From the expansive range of products, the greeting cards still seem to be the standout piece. With components of fabrics, tassels, beads, ribbons, paper cut-outs, embossing, metallic foil, chunky glitter, felt and countless more – each greeting card looks like a carefully crafted handmade project and feels extra special. 

1. Circus Cat Stand-Up Card by Meri Meri | 2. Unicorn Glitter Stand-Up Card by Meri Meri | 3. Princess Concertina Card by Meri Meri | 4. Safari Baby Concertina Card by Meri Meri

Meri Meri also excels in partyware- featuring so many different kinds of party hats, crowns and bands, pinatas and wands alike, and so many other little tidbits that will make any celebration all the more sparkly!

1. Glitter Party Crowns by Meri Meri | 2. Gold Leaf Party Crowns by Meri Meri | 3. Gold Star Wand by Meri Meri | 4. Unicorn Piñata by Meri Meri

Meri Meri also makes tons of accessories such as necklaces, hair pins, and iron on patches that feature rainbows, unicorns, mermaids, swans and ice cream! These sweet little accessories can make any outfit just a little fun and glam – your little girl is sure to love them.

1. Unicorn Ombre Glitter Hair Slides by Meri Meri | 2. Cherry Pompom Necklace by Meri Meri | 3. Glitter Rainbow Patch by Meri Meri |4. Flamingo Pompom Necklace by Meri Meri

Meri Meri also makes toys and little playthings for your little ones. Their soft toys are especially high quality and durable due to the thick woven fabric they use. They are not only super fun for your kids, they make great décor pieces for your kid’s room too! They also have these suitcases that are made especially as a unique way to store toys. These suitcases bright and colorful – the perfect accessory for your little wanderer.

1. Blossom Baby Deer Toy by Meri Meri | 2. Mini Matilda Doll Suitcase by Meri Meri | 3. Dog Rattle by Meri MeriMatilda Fabric Doll by Meri Meri

We can’t help but love Meri Meri, because they spread joy with their products. Crafted with unbridled passion and creativity, Meri Meri continues to trailblaze the world of partyware and little playthings. We love them and so will you! Shop Meri Meri here.