Submit to our Model Search 2019 via this form!

We are looking for:

1. Babies and children up to age 14 years! No prior experience needed!

2. Models who are able to attend photoshoot sessions in Singapore.

Some things first: 

1 - Please submit 3 recent photos. All images need to show the faces clearly! If submitting for multiple kids, please submit each child individually. Tell us a bit more about your child in the field below!

2 - The first and last name refers to your name (the parent), not the child's name.

3 - Importantly, please submit only once per entry! Once you click on submit, your screen will refresh. When you are brought back to a blank form, your submission has gone through. The bigger your file sizes, the slower it'll take for the screen to refresh. Rest assured we receive each and every submission. Sending in multiple entries will not increase your chances.

4 - Please use a valid email address or we will have no way to contact you. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

5 - Last but not least, remember to follow us on Instagram & Facebook!

Submission closes 22 Aug!

Thank you!

Team at Le Petit Society